The Texas Regulations are a set of guidelines that governs our SkillsUSA Texas competitions and provides an overview of the framework for our organization. Each fall, the Texas Regulations are updated, along with the National Technical Standards, and the National Leadership Handbook.

If the occasion should arise that any changes should be made throughout the year, members will be notified through the SkillsUSA Texas updates that are sent out monthly throughout the school year. Any rule changes in the national contest guidelines are found on the national web page. The SkillsUSA Texas Regulations are updated under the direction of the SkillsUSA Texas Board of Directors, the SkillsUSA Texas Executive Director, the SkillsUSA Texas District Directors, and the SkillsUSA Texas Teachers Advisory Committee. Any recommendations should be directed to your representative from your region or your district.

Please find the link to the most current version of the Texas Regulation here:

Download: 2023 – 2024 SkillsUSA Texas Regulations updated 120523


SkillsUSA Texas Only Competitions – revised 121523

Job Exhibits/Notebooks revised 121123

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