District 06 Information and Documents

Your District Coordinator for District Six is Sheila Hyde. She can be reached at: district6@skillsusatx.org. Your District Director for District Six is Amy Baxmann. Your Teacher Advisory Committee representative for District Six is Haley Patton. She can be reached at: haley.patton@gpisd.org 

Please make sure you are joining your district’s advisor group on Signal. Each district has its own page where advisors and the state office can connect without students.

Download the app here: https://signal.group/#CjQKIPl-gLY9yl8Q7Dj-Vw1UwSb7Q6lcQ5a-yeKdvmlxanU0EhCAjhmyJLvCwhqJkYGxrrGw

Once you download the app and request to join the D6 Advisor group a group admin will need to approve your request.

2022 Fall Leadership

Registration opens Thurs Sept 15th and closes Fri Oct 14th. Payment is due Nov 14th. $30 for all participants, you do not need to be a member to attend. www.skillsusa-register.org

D6 Fall Leadership Schedule-updated

2023 District 6 Officer Application

2023 Advisor of the Year Texas Application D6

2023 District Contest

Feb 16-18 at TSTC Waco, main contest weekend. Details posted soon. Registration opens Dec 14th and closes Feb 2nd at 6pm. You must be a joined member to compete, registration is $50 per registrant. One advisor must be registered to attend to supervise the competitors. Payment is due Mar 2nd.  www.skillsusa-register.org

2023 D6 Contest Agenda


2022 D6 Contest_Awards

2022 D6 AutoToolD_Top10_MiddleSchool

2022 D6 AutoToolID_Top10

2022 D6_Construction_Tool_ID_Top10

District 06 Events Calendar

Competition Regulations

All Texas Chapters abide by the regulations as outlined in the Texas Regulations. This document outlines registration limits, state, and nationals advancements, Texas Only contests, and more. Please refer to the Texas Regulations for detailed information. Always prepare your students by reading the newest edition of contest guidelines. .

National Technical Standards

National contests are listed in the national technical standards a free download with your paid professional membership.

Log on to www.skillsusa-register.org, and you should see a technical standards icon at the bottom of the page after you log in. If you click on that icon you will be directed to: https://mycareeressentials.org. (this platform is called Absorb) Advisors will need to create an account on Absorb to access the Technical Standards. If you need help setting up that account, please contact SkillsUSA’s customer care team at 844-875-4557 for assistance. If you need further help downloading the standards once an account has been established, you can view a short instructional video here: https://youtu.be/aR9Jet0PRP8.

District 6 Coordinator

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