The SkillsUSA Championships brings together industry and labor representatives, educators, and the public to watch students compete in leadership and hands-on skill events for a full day. The SkillsUSA Championships begin at the local level with contests in classrooms nationwide. Winners advance through district and state competition, and the best of the best make it to the national event. Students benefit no matter how they place in their contests. They test their skills, frequently make job contacts, and have a chance for recognition. District, state, and national winners receive gold, silver, and bronze medallions, scholarships, tools, and other awards. The national SkillsUSA Championships event occupies floor space equivalent to 16 football fields of space, with nearly 1,500 judges and with 6,000 competitors in 100 different events. Business and Industry contribute more than $36 million in equipment, supplies, and personnel to support the SkillsUSA Championships, which is considered the largest single-day commitment of corporate volunteerism in America. Every other year, a select few are chosen to compete on an international level in the WorldSkills Competition and yes, Texas has had international competitors.

The official regulations for the national events are published in the SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards free to download to anyone with a Professional membership. National contest descriptions are on the national web page, Texas Regulations, free to download from the state website,, includes the guidelines Texas Only competitions.

SkillsUSA Texas offers competitions in the following categories:

The National Career Clusters® Framework provides a vital structure for organizing and delivering quality career and technical education (CTE) programs through learning and comprehensive programs of study. In total, there are 16 Career Clusters in the National Career Clusters Framework, representing more than 79 Career Pathways to help students navigate their way to greater success in college and career. The current SkillsUSA Championships national career competitions are listed under each Cluster heading.
In addition to the 16 Career Clusters established for CTE training programs, SkillsUSA has established an additional Leadership Competition Cluster where related skills are demonstrated in a competitive setting. These 24 leadership competitions are open solely to SkillsUSA members, regardless of their training program area. Therefore, these leadership competitions are not listed in any of the national Career Cluster frameworks associated with a comprehensive program area of study. For a by-cluster national contest list click HERE. There will be additional competition options found in the Texas Regulations for contests that are eligible at district and state only.



The topic to be addressed by contestants in the 2024 SkillsUSA Chapter Display, Prepared Speech and Promotional Bulletin Board competitions is our theme, “SkillsUSA: No Limits.”

Snap On Auto Tool ID Practice Test

Esthetics Theme for 2023: The FAIRY TALE theme will be both fun and challenging for this year’s Esthetics competitors. There is no shortage of options that students will select from the hundreds of characters and stories.

Nail Art and 3D Nail Art, Texas-only contests, and the Commerical Baking Job Exhibits will also be utilizing the Fairy Tale theme this year. Any questions please email

The following is an extensive list of ALL Contests, Job exhibits and Technical Information Assessments for the 2021-2022 year. 

3D Visualization & AnimationS Technical Information TestTX
3D Visualization and AnimationSYesSkilled and Technical Sciences  
Action SkillsS Leadership Development 
ACTION SKILLSM Leadership Development 
Additive Manufacturing SYesSkilled and Technical Sciences  
Advertising DesignS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Advertising DesignS Technical Information TestTX
American SpiritSYesLeadership Development 
Applied EngineeringS Skilled and Technical Sciences TX
Architectural DraftingS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Architectural DraftingS Technical Information TestTX
Audio Visual Production Quiz BowlSYesLeadership DevelopmentTX
Audio/Radio ProductionSYesSkilled and Technical Sciences  
Audio-Radio ProductionS Technical Information TestTX
Auto CAD – Civil DesignS Skilled and Technical Sciences TX
Auto CAD Civil DesignS Technical Information TestTX
Automated Manufacturing S Technical Information TestTX
Automated Manufacturing TechnologySYesSkilled and Technical Sciences  
Automotible Maintenance and Light RepairS Demonstration Events 
Automotible Maintenance and Light RepairS Technical Information TestTX
Automotive – Single Engine-IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Automotive – Single Engine-MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Automotive Air ConditioningS Technical Information TestTX
Automotive Automatic TransmissionS Technical Information TestTX
Automotive BrakesS Technical Information TestTX
Automotive Electricity & ElectronicsS Technical Information TestTX
Automotive Engine PerformanceS Technical Information TestTX
Automotive Engine RepairS Technical Information TestTX
Automotive Manuel Drive Trains & AxelsS Technical Information TestTX
Automotive Parts SpecialistsS Technical Information TestTX
Automotive Refinishing TechnologyS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Automotive Refinishing TechnologyS Technical Information TestTX
Automotive Service Quiz BowlSYesLeadership DevelopmentTX
Automotive Service TechnologyS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Automotive Service TechnologyS Technical Information TestTX
Automotive Suspension and Steering S Technical Information TestTX
AUTOMOTIVE TOOL IDM Skilled and Technical Sciences TX
Automotive Trades Tool IDS Skilled and Technical Sciences TX
Aviation Maintenance TechnologyS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Aviation Maintenance Technology – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Aviation Maintenance Technology – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Aviation Maintenance Technology – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
BarberingS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
BarberingS Technical Information TestTX
Basic Health CareS Technical Information TestTX
Basic Health Care SkillsS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Broadcast News ProductionSYesSkilled and Technical Sciences  
Broadcast News ProductionS Technical Information TestTX
Building MaintenanceS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Building SearchSYesSkilled and Technical Sciences TX
Building SearchS Technical Information TestTX
C.E.R.T. Technical TestS Technical Information TestTX
CabinetmakingS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Cabinetmaking – Mill WorkS Technical Information TestTX
Cabinetmaking and Millwork – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Cabinetmaking and MIllwork – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Cabinetmaking and Millwork- MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Career Pathway – Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources ClusterSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Architecture & ConstructionSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Arts, Audio Visual Technology & Communications ClusterSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Business Management & Administration ClusterSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Education & Training ServicesSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Finance ServicesSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Government & Public AdministrationSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Health Services ClusterSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Hospitality & TourismSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Human ServicesSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Information Technology ClusterSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Law, Public Safety & SecuritySYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – ManufacturingSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Marketing, Sales & ServicesSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Science, Technology & MathSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Transportation, Distribution & LogisticsSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Promotion DemonstrationSYesLeadership DevelopmentTX
CarpentryS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
CarpentryS Technical Information TestTX
Carpentry – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Carpentry – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Carpentry – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Chapter Business ProcedureSYesLeadership Development 
Chapter DisplaySYesLeadership Development 
CNC 5 AxisS Demonstration Events 
CNC Milling & Turning TechnologyS Technical Information TestTX
CNC Milling SpecialistS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
CNC TechnicianS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
CNC Turning SpecialistS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Collision Damage AppraisalS Demonstration Events 
Collision Damage AppraisalS Technical Information TestTX
Collision Repair Custom – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Collision Repair Custom – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Collision Repair Custom – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Collision Repair Tech – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Collision Repair Tech – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Collision Repair Tech – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Collision Repair TechnicianS Technical Information TestTX
Collision Repair TechnologyS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Commercial BakingS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Commercial BakingS Technical Information TestTX
Commercial Baking – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Commercial Drone Demo By Invitation OnlySYesDemonstration Events 
Commerical Baking 1-2 Tier – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Commerical Baking 3-5 Tier – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Commerical Baking 3-5 Tier – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Commerical Baking Showpiece – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Commerical Baking Showpiece – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Community Action ProjectSYesLeadership Development 
Community Emergency Response TeamSYesOccupationally RelatedTX
Community ServiceSYesLeadership Development 
COMMUNITY SERVICEMYesLeadership Development 
Computer Maintenance Technology – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Computer Maintenance Technology – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Computer ProgrammingS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Computer Technology – TheoryS Technical Information TestTX
Conmputer ProgrammingS Technical Information TestTX
Construction Materials IDS Skilled and Technical Sciences TX
CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS IDM Skilled and Technical Sciences TX
CONSTRUCTION TOOL IDM Skilled and Technical Sciences TX
Construction Trades Tool IDS Skilled and Technical Sciences TX
CosmetologyS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
CosmetologyS Technical Information TestTX
Cosmetology 3D Freehand Nail Art S Skilled and Technical Sciences TX
Cosmetology 3D Freehand, Nail Art S Technical Information TestTX
Cosmetology 3D Nail Art Job ExhibitS Job ExhibitTX
Cosmetology Braiding – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Cosmetology Day or Evening – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Cosmetology Fantasy – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Cosmetology Flat Nail Art – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Cosmetology Men’s Classic-IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Cosmetology Men’s Cutting Edge-IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Cosmetology Quiz BowlSYesLeadership DevelopmentTX
Cosmetology Salon – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Cosmetology Salon – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Cosmetology TheoryS Technical Information TestTX
Cosmetology Women’s Cutting Edge S Job ExhibitTX
Crime Scene InvestigationSYesSkilled and Technical Sciences  
Crime Scene InvestigationS Technical Information TestTX
Criminal JusticeS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Criminal Justice S Technical Information TestTX
Criminal Justice – TheoryS Technical Information TestTX
Criminal Justice Crime Scene Model – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Criminal Justice Crime Scene Model – Team of 2SYesJob ExhibitTX
Criminal Justice Display Panel – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Criminal Justice Display Panel Team of 2SYesJob ExhibitTX
Criminal Justice Quiz BowlSYesLeadership DevelopmentTX
Culinary ArtsS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Culinary ArtsS Technical Information TestTX
Culinary Arts – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Culinary Arts Quiz BowlSYesLeadership DevelopmentTX
Customer ServiceS Occupationally Related 
Customer ServiceS Technical Information TestTX
Cyber SecuritySYesSkilled and Technical Sciences  
CybersecurityS Technical Information TestTX
Dental AssistingS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Desktop PublishingS Skilled and Technical Sciences TX
Desktop PublishingS Technical Information TestTX
Diesel Equipment MechanicsS Technical Information TestTX
Diesel Equipment Tech – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Diesel Equipment Tech – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Diesel Equipment Tech – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Diesel Equipment TechnologyS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Digital Cinema ProductionSYesSkilled and Technical Sciences  
Digital IllustrationS Job ExhibitTX
Digital Image ManipulationS Job ExhibitTX
Drafting Architectural Hand Drawn- IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Drafting Architectural Modeling – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Drafting Architectural Modeling – IndivdualS Job ExhibitTX
Drafting Architectural Modeling – MutipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Drafting CAD Architectural Project – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Drafting CAD Architectural Project – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Drafting CAD Architectural Project – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Drafting CAD Technical –  IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Drafting CAD Technical – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Drafting CAD Technical – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Drafting Civil Engineering – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Drafting Technical Hand Drawn – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Drafting Technical Illustration – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Drafting Technical Illustration – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Drafting Technical Illustration – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Early Childhood EducationS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Electrical Construction WiringS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Electrical Construction Wiring S Technical Information TestTX
Electrical Trades – Chapter need resi and comm circleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Electrical Trades – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Electrical Trades – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Electronic Design – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Electronic Design – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Electronic Design – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Electronic Kit Project – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Electronic Kit Project – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Electronic Kit Project – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Electronics TechnologyS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Electronics TechnologyS Technical Information TestTX
Emblem CeremonySYesLeadership DevelopmentTX
EMBLEM CEREMONYMYesLeadership DevelopmentTX
Emergency Medical TechinicianSYesDemonstration Events 
EmployabilityS Technical Information TestTX
Employment Application ProcessS Leadership Development 
Employment PortfolioS Job ExhibitTX
Engineering Related Design Exhibit – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Engineering Related Design Exhibit – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Engineering Related Design Exhibit – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Engineering TechnologyS Technical Information TestTX
Engineering Technology/DesignSYesOccupationally Related 
EntrepreneurshipSYesOccupationally Related 
EstheticsS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
EstheticsS Technical Information TestTX
Extemporaneous SpeakingS Leadership Development 
Fashion Design ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Fashion Design IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Fashion Design MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Felony Traffic StopS Skilled and Technical Sciences TX
Felony Traffic StopS Technical Information TestTX
FirefightingS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
First Aid-CPRS Occupationally Related 
First Aid-CPRS Technical Information TestTX
Forensic Science TeamS Skilled and Technical Sciences TX
Forensic Science TestS Technical Information TestTX
Graphic CommunicationsS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Graphic CommunicationsS Technical Information TestTX
Graphic Communications Digital Exhibit – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Graphic Communications Digital Exhibit -IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Graphic Communications Offset Exhibit – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Graphic Communications Offset Exhibit -IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Graphic Imaging SublimationS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Health Knowledge BowlSYesOccupationally Related 
Health Occupations Professional PortfolioS Occupationally Related 
Health Sciences Display Panel – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Health Sciences Display Panel – Team of 2SYesJob ExhibitTX
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and RefrigerationS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
HVACS Technical Information TestTX
HVACR-ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
HVACR-IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
HVACR-MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Individual Member NotebookS Job ExhibitTX
Industrial Motor ControlS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Industrial Motor ControlS Technical Information TestTX
Information Technology ServicesS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Information Technology ServicesS Technical Information TestTX
Innovative Architecture & Construction – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Innovative Architecture & Construction – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Innovative Architecture & Construction – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Innovative Arts A-V Tech & Communications – IndividualSYesJob ExhibitTX
Innovative Arts A-V Tech & Communications – MultipleS Job ExhibitTX
Innovative Arts A-V Tech & Communications -ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Innovative Cosmetology – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Innovative Cosmetology – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Innovative Cosmetology – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Innovative Hospitality & Tourism – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Innovative Hospitality & Tourism – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Innovative Hospitality & Tourism – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Innovative Information Tech – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Innovative Information Tech – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Innovative Information Tech – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Innovative Law Public Safety & Correction – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Innovative Law Public Safety & Correction – IndividualSYesJob ExhibitTX
Innovative Law Public Safety & Correction -MultipleS Job ExhibitTX
Innovative Manufacturing – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Innovative Manufacturing – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Innovative Manufacturing – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Innovative STEM – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Innovative STEM – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Innovative STEM – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Innovative Tran Distribution & Logistics  – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Innovative Tran Distribution & Logistics – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Innovative Tran Distribution & Logistics – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Interactive Application & Game DevelopmentS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Interior Design – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Interior Design ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Interior Design MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Internet of Things – ChapterS Job ExhibitTX
Internet of Things – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Internet of Things – MultipleS Job ExhibitTX
Internet of Things Smart HomeS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
InternetworkingS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
InternetworkingS Technical Information TestTX
Internetworking – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Internetworking – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Internetworking – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
IT Quiz BowlS Leadership DevelopmentTX
Job InterviewS Leadership Development 
JOB INTERVIEWM Leadership Development 
Job Skill Demonstration AS Leadership Development 
JOB SKILL DEMONSTRATION AM Leadership Development 
Job Skill Demonstration OpenS Leadership Development 
Land SurveyingS Skilled and Technical Sciences TX
Land SurveyingS Technical Information TestTX
Major Appliance Technology – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Major Appliance Technology – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Major Appliance Technology – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Marine Service TechnologyS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Marine Service TechnologyS Technical Information TestTX
MasonryS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
MasonryS Technical Information TestTX
Mechanical DraftingS Skilled and Technical Sciences TX
MechatronicsS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
MechatronicsS Technical Information TestTX
Medical AssistingS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Medical AssistingS Technical Information TestTX
Medical MathS Occupationally Related 
Medical TerminologyS Occupationally Related 
Mobile Electronics InstallationS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Mobile Robotic TechnologySYesSkilled and Technical Sciences  
MOBILE ROBOTICS TECHNOLOGYMYesSkilled and Technical Sciences  
Mobile Robotics TechnologyS Technical Information TestTX
Motorcycle Service TechnicianS Technical Information TestTX
Motorcycle Service TechnologyS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Motorcycle Service Technology – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Motorcycle Service Technology – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Motorcycle Service Technology – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Nail ArtS Skilled and Technical Sciences TX
Nail Art S Technical Information TestTX
Nail CareS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Nail CareS Technical Information TestTX
National Electrical Code – Written TestS Skilled and Technical Sciences TX
Nurse AssistingS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Nurse AssistingS Technical Information TestTX
Occupational Health and Safety – MultipleSYesLeadership Development 
Occupational Health and Safety – SingleSYesLeadership Development 
Opening and Closing CeremoniesSYesLeadership Development 
Other – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Other – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Other – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Outsanding SkillsUSA Texas MemberS Leadership DevelopmentTX
OUTSTANDING CHAPTERMYesLeadership Development 
Outstanding ChapterSYesLeadership Development 
PainterS Technical Information TestTX
Photo Panel-IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
PhotographyS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
PhotographyS Technical Information TestTX
Photography Commercial- IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Photography Commercial- MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Photography General- IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Photography PORTRAIT – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Pin DesignS Leadership Development 
PIN DESIGNM Leadership Development 
PlumbingS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
PlumbingS Technical Information TestTX
Plumbing – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Plumbing – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Plumbing – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Power Equipment TechnologyS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Power Equipment TechnologyS Technical Information TestTX
Power Equipment Technology – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Power Equipment Technology – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Power Equipment Technology – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Practical NursingS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Practical NursingS Technical Information TestTX
Precision Machining Technical TestS Technical Information TestTX
Precision Machining TechnologyS Skilled and Technical Sciences TX
Precision Machining Technology – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Precision Machining Technology – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Precision Machining Technology – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Prepared SpeechS Leadership Development 
PREPARED SPEECHM Leadership Development 
Principles of Engineering/TechnologyS Occupationally Related 
Promotional Bulletin BoardSYesLeadership Development 
Quiz BowlSYesLeadership Development 
QUIZ BOWLMYesLeadership Development 
Related Technical MathS Occupationally Related 
Residential Commercial and Appliance TechnologyS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Residential Commercial ApplianceS Technical Information TestTX
Restaurant ServiceS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Restaurant ServicesS Technical Information TestTX
Robotics – Urban Search and RescueS Technical Information TestTX
Robotics and AutomationS Technical Information TestTX
Robotics and Automation TechnologySYesSkilled and Technical Sciences  
Robotics Urban Search and RescueSYesSkilled and Technical Sciences  
ROBOTICS URBAN SEARCH AND RESCUEMYesSkilled and Technical Sciences  
Screen Printing TechnologyS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Screen Printing Technology S Technical Information TestTX
Sheet MetalS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
SkillsUSA Texas Memorial ScholarshipS Leadership DevelopmentTX
TEAM ENGINEERING CHALLENGEMYesSkilled and Technical Sciences  
Team WorksS Technical Information TestTX
TeamWorksSYesSkilled and Technical Sciences  
Technical Computer ApplicationsS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Technical Computer ApplicationsS Technical Information TestTX
Technical DraftingS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Technical DraftingS Technical Information TestTX
Telecommunications CablingS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Television (Video) ProductionSYesSkilled and Technical Sciences  
Television Camera OperatorS Technical Information TestTX
Television ProductionS Technical Information TestTX
T-Shirt DesignS Leadership Development 
TV Video Production – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
TV Video Production – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
TV Video Production – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Web Design and DevelopmentSYesSkilled and Technical Sciences  
Web Page DesignS Technical Information TestTX
Web Page Design – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
WeldingS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
WeldingS Technical Information TestTX
Welding ApplicationsS Skilled and Technical Sciences TX
Welding Applications (welding test)S Technical Information TestTX
Welding FabricationSYesSkilled and Technical Sciences  
Welding Fabrication (welding test)S Technical Information TestTX
Welding Furniture – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Welding Furniture – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Welding Furniture – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Welding General – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Welding General – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Welding General – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Welding IS Skilled and Technical Sciences TX
Welding IS Technical Information TestTX
Welding Pits – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Welding Pits – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Welding Pits – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX
Welding SculptureS Skilled and Technical Sciences  
Welding Trailers – ChapterSYesJob ExhibitTX
Welding Trailers – IndividualS Job ExhibitTX
Welding Trailers – MultipleSYesJob ExhibitTX