SkillsUSA Texas wants to ensure that your payments and invoicing process is clear and that we are here to answer any questions that you may have. We want to make every effort to assure you that we are here to support your chapters and that the financial aspects of paying for SkillsUSA membership and event registrations should be seamless.

The first step is to make sure your School’s business office has the most current address and phone information for your School invoices. And that the correct billing contact is included in your membership profile on the national site:

Next, there is a difference between National invoices and State invoices. Please refer to the details below:

Invoices that start with “M” are for annual membership dues and are payable to the National Office. The remittance address should be:
SkillsUSA Inc.
Attn: Membership Dept.
573 Potomac Station Drive PMB #809
Leesburg, VA 20176
When you are logged into the membership page you will be able to pay your invoice online with a credit card.

Invoices that start with “S” are for registration fees for events from the State Office. The remittance address should be:
SkillsUSA Texas
P.O. Box 65087
Lubbock, TX 79464

Payments for M and S invoices cannot be combined. The National Office cannot accept payments for Texas State invoices, and the Texas State Office cannot accept payments for national invoices. If either office receives a check they cannot apply we will send the check back to the payee and the invoices will remain with a balance due. Any check received at the Lubbock PO Box where the check amount does not match the amount due on the “S” invoice referenced in the remittance will be sent back. The 30-day payment window will restart per the date of the letter sent with the returned check.

Any payments for orders from or must be paid to the remittance address on the invoice. The National and State offices cannot process those payments as those stores are different companies.

If you need a copy of a W9:
National Office: email or download here W-9 National
State Office: download here W-9 State

State Invoice Credit Card Payment Option
SkillsUSA Texas will accept credit cards as a form of payment on any invoice that includes an invoice number that starts with an “S”.

  • The first step is to email us at Please provide the invoice number (s) you would like to pay and the amounts, be sure to include the 3% processing fee in the total. Also please tell us what email address to send the link to pay with a credit card. The Credit Card Payment option will be available 48 hours after the event registration closes.
  • We will then send a link to the email address provided to pay online with a credit card. The email will come from:
  • The email address that pays the invoice will receive the credit card receipt.
  • Any refunds must be requested within 1 day of submitting the payment.
  • A convenience fee of 3% for expediting payment is added to your invoice if paid with a credit card. If there are any issues in processing your payment you will be responsible for any additional charges we incur. If you dispute a verified and requested charge, any fees we incur will be added to your past-due invoice.
  • Your payment will appear from SkillsUSATX on your statement.
  • When you submit a registration for an event you will not be able to alter the registration or the invoice. If you need to make changes/revisions or are having issues with your registration please contact your district director.

Any registration invoices outstanding after 90 days from the payment due date will be charged a $50 per invoice, per month past due fee. This charge will be added to your past-due reminder as necessary. Please process your invoices with your accounting department accordingly. A PO number is not considered payment in full, the state office requires a check or credit card for payment.

Membership reminders: Once you submit your membership you will not be able to make any changes. Membership is not refundable, transferable, or cancelable once the invoice is created by clicking Join Now. Please carefully enter the information for the advisor and students. The membership files are what auto-fill into your state event registrations. Advisors make sure your students are tagged with your chapter. The address for your students should be their home address, not the school. The emails you list for your students must be verified as deliverable or you will receive an error message. If you need assistance with your membership please contact:

Please make sure your chapter information is accurate on the registration page. If you have submitted the paperwork and need assistance with a chapter number please contact:

In the registration system, there is a tab for “edit billing address”. At the start of every year please verify that the name, email and address listed for billing is the correct contact in the accounting department for your program/school. When you join membership or submit an event registration a copy of the invoice generated will automatically be sent via email to the person creating the invoice and the person listed for billing.

If your school requires a PO number for payment to appear on the invoice please be sure you have input that number before you submit or join. There is a prompt to input that information on both of those sites. If you do not have a PO number yet we can help you modify that field later if required. If you know you are paying with a credit card please include the 3% fee in your PO request.

Unpaid membership or registration balances can create a block on your account and you may be unable to register or join until past-due amounts are cleared. For instance, if you registered for district and state contests, the payment for your district invoice must be paid before you can compete at state. If you are blocked from joining as a member that means that there is a past-due invoice from your school. Any chapter that has an outstanding invoice with the national office will create a block for any chapter at that school to join until the account is current.

Membership must be joined to register for District Contest.

Membership must be paid to register for State Contest.

Fall Leadership invoices must be paid to register for District Contest

District Contest invoices must be paid to register for State Contest.

State Contest invoices must be paid before National or Summer Registration.