The SkillsUSA Championships begin at the local level with contests in classrooms nationwide, followed by the District, State, National and even the WorldSkills events. Winners test their skills, frequently make job contacts, and have a chance of recognition. District, State and National winners receive gold, silver and bronze medallions, scholarships, tools and other awards.

The official regulations for the national events are published in the SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards free to download to anyone with a professional membership. National contest descriptions are on the national web page, search for contest updates.

The official Texas Regulations are the guiding documents for all Texas Championships, including Job Exhibits and Texas-Only contests. The Texas Regulations are free to download from the state website, located under the Contest Overview menu at

2022 State Leadership and Skills Conference Information

The Texas State Leadership and Skills Conference (TXLSC) event details will be posted as the conference date approaches. The cost for all SkillsUSA Texas State Leadership and Skills Conferences for 2022 will be $100. This event is open to District Leadership and Skills Conference winners, who are paid members that were registered by Feb 1. All event attendees for the 2021-2022 school year, will follow local CDC guidelines. The waiver language specific to COVID is part of the liability form you click as part of registration. To register, please go to:

State Registration will open March 1, 2022 and close on March 21, 2022.

The last day to cancel your registration or submit a substitution will be March 23, 2022.

2022 State Conference Hotel Blocks Updated 032222

Message from Visit Corpus Christi:

SkillsUSA Texas is a special and very meaningful group to our Corpus Christi community. We understand that there has been frustration with the 2022 Conference room blocks and with booking rooms in our area. The visitor experience is very important to us and that includes you. What you have experienced is not the experience we want to provide our group visitors and we recognize that. We have been and will continue to source as many additional rooms as possible in the surrounding areas. Your group is extremely important to us, not just because you are choosing to meet in Corpus Christi but because of the long-standing partnership SkillsUSA Texas and Corpus Christi have had over the years.

Please let me know if I can assist with anything else in the meantime.

Thank you!

Nicole Olivares, CMP
Vice President of Sales 

2022 SkillsUSA Texas Conference Agenda

Advisors: 11pm is the curfew for all contestants while in Corpus Christi.

2022 State Contest Schedule –  Please check APP for all Updated Contest Schedules as of 3/28/22

State Substitution-Add Request Form

State Conference Contest Updates

Shuttle Schedule for State Contest 2022

Exhibitor Packet 2022

2022 National Officer Application Process for Texas

2022-2023 State Officer Application

Observer State Sat Only 2022

If you have Admin or parent wanting to attend as observers for $100 you will need to register them as an Observer and put their information into registration.

Volunteer Letter State

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