The SkillsUSA Championships begin at the local level with contests in classrooms nationwide, followed by the District, State, National and even the WorldSkills events. Winners test their skills, frequently make job contacts, and have a chance of recognition. District, State and National winners receive gold, silver and bronze medallions, scholarships, tools and other awards.

The official regulations for the national events are published in the SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards free to download to anyone with a professional membership. National contest descriptions are on the national web page, search for contest updates.

The official Texas Regulations are the guiding documents for all Texas Championships, including Job Exhibits and Texas-Only contests. The Texas Regulations are free to download from the state website, located under the Contest Overview menu at

2023 District Leadership and Skills Conference Information

Each District’s Leadership and Skills Conference event details can be found on the District# pages dropdown menu under the “Districts” tab. Additionally, you can follow all events located within our Calendar.

The cost for all SkillsUSA Texas District Leadership and Skills Conferences for 2023 will be $50. This event is open to joined members who are registered by Feb 1. 

Event details will be posted as the conference date approaches. 

For event dates, please visit our Calendar.

To register, please go to:

The SkillsUSA Texas Outstanding Member Scholarship for 2023 is valued at $1,000 from Career and Technical Associates of Texas. Applications for district are on each district’s webpage and one student from each district will advance to State Contest to be chosen as the recipient.

General District Contest Updates

There is no study guide for any quiz bowls.

Auto Tool ID Practice Test

2023 Update: The Professional Development test is 50 points of the contest score. Study guide here. Exceptions: Quiz Bowl Competition and students that are part
of the competitions regulated by Public Law 105.17, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, 1997. Membership Handbook can be purchased here.

11/30/22 National contest updates: Mobile Robotics Technology, Cyber Security, Extemporaneous Speaking and Chapter Business Procedure are available now:

Drone Demo Test at District: The Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement book is the same book issued during the FAA knowledge exams at the computer testing centers.