SkillsUSA offers many opportunities for growth through career competitions. Students can compete at the local, district, state, national or international levels. Students must compete at the district level to advance to the state level, and then state to advance to the national contest. SkillsUSA Texas offers Occupationally Related contests in all participating Training Programs. In addition to these competitions, students may also compete in the Skilled and Technical and Leadership Development competitions.

For District and State level regulations and guidelines, such as registration limits, and eligibility requirements, please refer to the Texas Regulations.

Each joined student in approved chapter, taking a class that qualifies under the technical standard may enter (up to 10 things for one registration fee):

  • One skilled & technical individual competition AND one team skilled & technical competition AND
  • One individual leadership competition AND one team leadership competition AND
  • One individual demonstration competition AND one team demonstration competition
  • One individual occupational related competition AND one team occupational related competition AND
  • One individual job exhibit AND one job exhibit multiple or chapter

The following is a list of current Occupationally Related competitions that are offered in SkillsUSA Texas. Keep in mind, that some of the contests are “State Only”, meaning there is not a national level for that contest. National contest descriptions are on the national web page,, and the “State Only” contest descriptions can be found within the Texas Regulations. For the most updated list of contests offered, please refer to the Texas Regulations

2024 ContestsDivTeamCategoryState
Career Pathway – Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources ClusterSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Architecture & ConstructionSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Arts, Audio Visual Technology & Communications ClusterSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Business Management & Administration ClusterSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Education & Training ServicesSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Finance ServicesSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Government & Public AdministrationSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Health Services ClusterSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Hospitality & TourismSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Human ServicesSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Information Technology ClusterSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Law, Public Safety & SecuritySYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – ManufacturingSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Marketing, Sales & ServicesSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Science, Technology & MathSYesOccupationally Related 
Career Pathway – Transportation, Distribution & LogisticsSYesOccupationally Related 
Community Emergency Response TeamSYesOccupationally RelatedTX
Customer ServiceS Occupationally Related 
Engineering Technology/DesignSYesOccupationally Related 
EntrepreneurshipSYesOccupationally Related 
First Aid-CPRS Occupationally Related 
Health Knowledge BowlSYesOccupationally Related 
Health Occupations Professional PortfolioS Occupationally Related 
Medical MathS Occupationally Related 
Medical TerminologyS Occupationally Related 
Principles of Engineering/TechnologyS Occupationally Related 
Related Technical MathS Occupationally Related