Congratulations to H.M. King High School and Willis ISD

Congratulations to H.M. King High School and Willis ISD for being selected to receive chapter grants through a partnership with Lowe’s and SkillsUSA to support the future of the skilled trades. Each chapter will receive $15,000 to support the future of skilled trades by upgrading tools or equipment and purchasing materials or supplies for students.

SkillsUSA has awarded grants to 43 SkillsUSA chapters in 22 states thanks to its longtime partnership with Lowe’s Home Improvement. SkillsUSA and Lowe’s have teamed up for over 16 years to support career and technical education (CTE) classrooms across the nation. The new Lowe’s grants provide eligible SkillsUSA chapters with additional programming resources including tools and equipment and construction materials for students’ hands-on learning projects. The support can also be used for materials and supplies for local community service projects SkillsUSA chapters would like to conduct but need additional support to launch.

“This amazing opportunity through Lowe’s provides our SkillsUSA chapters with more resources to support CTE and hands-on learning. All SkillsUSA projects are student-led and center around the development of personal skills, workplace skills and technical skills grounded in academics through the SkillsUSA Framework, so every member has an opportunity for career success,” said SkillsUSA executive director Chelle Travis. “These grants remove financial barriers to excellence and ensure that SkillsUSA chapters have quality resources for the betterment of our CTE programs and projects.” Thank you Lowe’s!

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